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Sesame Street

Seasons 44 - 48

Sesame Street (USA)

“Come and play where everything is A.O.K….”

Since 2013 Carbon has worked year on year with iconic global TV giant, Sesame Street USA producing content. As the first Australian company to ever work with Sesame in its 44 year history, Carbon made TV history with 5 Kangaroos featuring Australian pop sensation, Jess Mauboy and the Aboriginal kids from Yipirina State School hopping and dancing their way around the desert. For Wayne, it was a realisation of his long term vision for Carbon – to give Indigenous Australians a positive voice in media—with the perfect platform of Sesame Street.

Wherever possible with every clip produced, Carbon utilises the opportuntity to promote reconciliation through diversity and inclusion, and celebrates Sesame’s ethos of ‘growing smarter,  stronger, kinder kids.’

‘Come and play where everything is A.O.K.’ and check out our very special journey through the Seasons….

S is for Sibling

5 Kangaroos

Shipwreck Discovery

Juggling 3

B is for Bugs

N is for Nature

The Veronicas and Cookie Monster