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Working towards a diverse and inclusive workforce

More than just symbolic dots and lines in print, is the collaboration ‘as one’ or ‘Wakulda’ in Gathong language. Wakulda, is the premise that is the nucleus of the BMD Group’s inaugural Reconciliation Action. Promoting diversity and inclusion, the RAP encapsulates reconciliation in action through community consultation and creating new and existing partnerships.

In 2017 Carbon Creative engaged Birrbay, Dhangghatti, Warrinmay woman and artist, Angela Marr-Grogan to create an artwork that reflected the reconciliatory journey the BMD Group has and continues to embrace and celebrate in the past, present and future. Her creation of ‘Wakulda‘ (‘meaning ‘As One‘ in Gathang Language) represents a collaborative approach ‘as one’ in Reconciliation through community consultation, creating partnership & respecting country.