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Office of the Public
Guardian Queensland

Connecting with cultural sensitivity and integrity through art

In the Office of the Public Guardian, connecting with clients in a meaningful authentic way is quintessential to its charter—to protect the rights, interests and wellbeing of vulnerable Queenslanders. In 2017 the Office sought to strengthen their connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and share their journey with cultural sensitivity and integrity.

Carbon Creative commissioned an artwork by Wiradjui female artist Jordana Angus, called Birrang (Journey). The artwork was then applied to brochures, presentation folders and business cards. Recognising the importance of connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, print materials were adapted including a fold out poster for colouring in.  The original painting, Birrang is now home, with pride, at the Office of the Public Guardian.

Printed Collateral
OPG Youth - Printed Collateral