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National Tobacco Campaign

Australian Government Department of Health

Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders not to make smokes their story

In 2016 Carbon Creative was commissioned by the Department of Health to help improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders health by reducing their daily smoking rates to half from 47.7%. The facts were confronting:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are 2.6 times more likely to smoke than non-Indigenous Australians.
  • 20% of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths are related to smoking.

In keeping with our ethos, Carbon set out about creating a campaign that would engage and empower versus shame its target audience using the premise of story – something Australia’s oldest living culture had been doing since time immemorial.

Featuring an all Indigenous cast – representing a real family bravely sharing their own personal smoking cessation journey resonated. The premise of story, shared on TV and radio, in cinema and print, online and on the ground at activations at national sports events (State of Origin and Dreamtime at the G) and music festivals extended the campaign’s reach and amplified engagement.

Now in it’s third campaign phase, Don’t Make Smokes Your Story, a fully comprehensive Above and Below the Line Campaign has achieved significant cut through, prompting a behaviour change:

  • 9% of people interviewed quit as a result of seeing the campaign
  • 27% had cut down on their smoking
  • 26% said they were intending to quit
  • calls to Quitline increased over the campaign period and downloads of the my QuitBuddy app reached more than 30,000 new users


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