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47,195. That’s the number of kids in out of home care or “the system” in Australia. Sadly, the number is rising.

In New South Wales alone there is approximately, 18,000 kids in out of home care and the problem is, we simply don’t have enough foster carers to meet demand.

Carbon Creative has had the great privilege of working with not-for-profit, Adopt Change on their My Forever Family NSW Foster Carer Campaign to help encourage people, who have room in their heart and their home, to put their hand up to become a carer (all sorts required foster, kinship, emergency, respite, restoration, guardians and adoptive parents).

The My Forever Family NSW program is operated by Adopt Change, and funded by NSW Government Family and Community Services. To ensure the brand message is understood – that all children need a safe, stable and nurturing home – the campaign builds the image of all kinds of families providing this for children and forming part of their forever family community.

Atypical of previous foster care campaigns, Same But Different, aims to say just that. Foster families, in many ways, are just like ‘other’ families, doing everyday things. There isn’t any denying the reality, there are tough days and sad days but there is also joy, in giving a child a place to call home.

The campaign launches on 9 September 2018 as part of Foster and Kinship Care Week NSW.

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