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Intergenerational Trauma

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Helping to heal generation by generation

Most everyday Australians don’t understand the enormous impact of past policies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today — in this case the removal of Indigenous children from their families.

Over a third of Indigenous Australians, as descendants of the Stolen Generation, experience higher levels of adversity in relation to health and welfare outcomes — chronic health, disability and economic and social disadvantage, as a result of Intergenerational Trauma.

As a way to help understand and address the flow on effects of Intergenerational Trauma, the Healing Foundation commissioned Carbon Creative to create an animation that takes the audience on an informative journey from pre-colonisation to the present.

The narrative applies cause and effect from generation to generation whilst demonstrating trauma via the graphic device of beating hearts. The creative uses an emotive illustration style together with a moving musical composition and features narration, amongst others, by the iconic talent, Uncle Jack Charles.

The result… a moving story that puts light on a highly sensitive, heartfelt topic.

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