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Talking about what
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Palliative Care Awareness Campaign

Australian Government Department of Health

Talking about what matters to me

82% of Australians feel that talking about their death or dying wishes is important but more than often not this doesn’t translate into a conversation. The challenge with the ‘look the other way’ approach is when faced with a life limiting illness, acute or chronic, our loved ones may never know our wishes for our end-of-life care.

In 2017 the Australian Government commissioned Carbon Creative to come up with a creative solution to get more everyday Australians from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds talking about what they wanted for their end-of-life care. A challenging brief making palliative care a dinner conversation but regardless, an important one.

The approach? Carbon deliberately steered away from the stereotype associated with palliative care (think images of the elderly surrounded by family) and dovetailed the Talking About What Matters to Me narrative, with customised illustrations of families having “the conversation”. For video, a warts and all honest discussion with loved ones about dying uses candour and humour as the creative lynchpin. The result? Soft and warm, yet empowering creative that invites versus alienates the target audience to talk about their end-of-life care.

Currently being rolled out nationally, the below the line activities will increase in the lead up to National Palliative Week 20 – 26 May 2018.

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