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Childhood Immunisation Program

Australian Government Department of Health

Protecting Aussie kids through childhood immunisation

93% of Australian children 5 years old and under are immunised. While the percentage seems high, it needs to be higher still to fully protect against serious infectious disease. In some parts of Australia immunisation coverage rates drop for this age group and this puts everyone at risk.

As a campaign, it was important to strike a balance between getting the message out while taking care not to dictate to the primary decision makers in immunisation –  parents. With so much noise around childhood immunisation, Carbon anchored the campaign around getting the facts, reassuring and encouraging parents their decision to immunise is supported by evidence based clinical data and protects the whole community.

To help give authentic voice to the campaign, everyday mums and dads featured across all content, sharing their real life stories, some extraordinarily brave in the face of adversity compelling us to immunise our kids.

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Real Life Stories: Hughes Family

Real Life Stories: McCaffery Family