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Ending domestic and family violence – one youth at a time

250 incidents of domestic and family violence are reported every single day across Queensland. These are the ones we know about with many more unreported, meaning the prevalence of domestic violence is sadly at an all time high.

While much is being done in the front line,  it’s critical to plant the seed for future generations to ensure domestic violence is never normalised.

Through the power of hip hop, with lyrics written and performed by unofficial ambassador, Australian hip hop artist, Illy (think Paper Cuts)  we created a campaign to disrupt the millennial mindset. Across TV, cinema, out of home, digital and social media, Queensland teens learnt that domestic and family violence isn’t just physical and got the opportunity to take a stance by writing their own hip hop lyrics to Stop the Hurting.

With the help of local rap artist, Kaylah Truth, Carbon Creative took hip hop to Queensland teenagers in Cherbourg, Woorabinda, Palm Island, Ipswich and Logan in the form of music workshops. Teens from all over penned and performed their own lyrics about domestic and family violence for their chance to enter the state wide competition to win a VIP recording experience with Illy. The power of the pen, ignited by youth with a clear message to end domestic and family violence.

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Back Around Final Track

Off the back of our recent Stop the Hurting campaign, on behalf of the Queensland Government Department of The Premier and Cabinet, Carbon Creative had the privilege of producing a video for the 2017 White Ribbon breakfast to end domestic and family violence.

Using some of the hip hop lyrics penned by Queensland teens as part of the campaign, Carbon helped project a powerful voice to plant the seed of long term inter-generational change for the next generation.

1 in 4 Australian kids are exposed to domestic and family violence. This is their normal. And this is why there is still much to do.

White Ribbon Breakfast Video, 2017