Who We Are

Who We Are

Carbon Creative was born out of an unwavering desire to give Indigenous Australians a positive voice in media. It wasn’t that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders weren’t already capable, creative innovators and natural compelling storytellers in their own right, but more so, the stereotype and expectation of most was the opposite.

Today and everyday we help shape and share stories, not only for First Australians but for a diverse audience from the mainstream to the marginalised.


As a dynamic, nimble creative agency, we deliberately have very few layers, preferring to keep things simple yet specialised, making us accessible, consistent and sustainable. Our clients’ objectives and desired outcomes are our firm focus. Through our lens we see yours.

We take great pride in our authentic, creative and strategic approach to whatever the challenge – committed to share compelling, engaging stories that impact and prompt positive change.

Our social change remit anchors us, steering us to seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary, attempting to tip things on their head.

About Wayne Denning

Growing up in Blackwater, Central Queensland, proud Birri Gubba man, Wayne spent many a day poking around the railway tracks where his Dad worked.

As the first Aboriginal student in his school to be offered a university place and the first in his family to go to university, Wayne completed a Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Central Queensland University. Soon thereafter he embarked on a career with the Federal Government in Native Title and Land Rights during the monumental Keating era, and with it the Mabo Decision ending Terra Nullius.

After 12 years trying to make change from the inside of Government it was time to make change from the outside. In 2005 Wayne left his executive post and fast tracked his MBA while founding Carbon Creative (then Carbon Media) from the kitchen table.  While the Carbon today is very different to the Carbon of old, Wayne’s vision and drive remain the same, to help contribute to positive social change through the power of creative, authentic, storytelling.  Whether it be a national advertising campaign or an international outreach initiative, from the mainstream to the marginalised, Wayne’s aim is to empower and motivate the audience to behaviour change.

When he’s not leading the charge at the agency, Wayne does his bit to help out on boards, currently as the Deputy Chair of the National Film and Sound Archive. When invited, he is also happy to keynote for like minded organisations.

About George, the super pooch and champion breeder for charity

They say pets complete us and for Wayne this is most certainly true.  George, Wayne’s much loved Groodle, often graces the Carbon office, as our four legged furry ambassador.  He does his bit for social change too, helping make Groodle puppies (ethically of course), where the sale proceeds are donated to the Timor Children’s Foundation.

Wayne Denning

Our Team

  • Sarah Fitzpatrick

    Senior Account Manager

  • Angela Hueppauff

    General Manager

  • Keil Whaler

    Head of Digital Development

  • Myla Yeomans


  • Tim Ruxton


  • George

    Super Pooch

  • Keisha Thomasson


  • Wayne Denning

    Managing Director

  • Monique Kneepkens

    Creative Director

  • Rebecca Blinco

    Group Account Director

  • Frances Whitehead


  • Emilie Tan

    Digital Strategist

  • Julia O'Neill

    Account Co-ordinator

  • Bella Robson

  • Tom Claxton


  • Michele O'Sullivan

    Account Director