They say those that can, do. So at Carbon Creative, we do… our own outreach initiatives that align with our core values and collectively we feel will contribute positively to social change.

Sesame Street

Since 2013 Carbon has worked year on year with iconic global TV giant, Sesame Street USA producing content. As the first Australian company to ever work with Sesame in its 44 year history, Carbon made TV history with 5 Kangaroos featuring Australian pop sensation, Jess Mauboy and the Aboriginal kids from Yipirina State School hopping and dancing their way around the desert . For Wayne, it was a realisation of his long term vision for Carbon—to give Indigenous Australians a positive voice in media—with the perfect platform of Sesame Street.

Wherever possible with every clip produced, Carbon utilises the opportunity to promote reconciliation through diversity and inclusion, and celebrates Sesame's ethos of 'growing smarter, stronger, kinder kids.'

‘Come and play where everything is A.O.K.’ and check out our very special journey through the Seasons...

5 Kangaroos

Shipwreck Discovery

Juggling 3

B is for Bugs

N is for Nature

S is for Sibling


In 2016 Wayne was asked to keynote the Inaugural National Indigenous Engineering Summit at Melbourne Uni. His takeaway from the event was confronting—one the country's most profound engineering faculties only had 3 Indigenous engineering graduates and the numbers across other universities wasn't much better. In the spirit of Australia’s first Aboriginal inventor, engineer, author, activist and face on our nation’s fifty dollar note, David Unaipon, how could this be?

With their fore-bearers mapping the stars and inventors of the woomera, the didgeridoo, thermoplastic resins, weirs, fish traps, bush medicine and the boomerang—innovations that had sustained our First Nation's peoples for tens of thousands of years, yet very few Indigenous kids were pursuing careers in STEM.

While undoubtedly complex, Wayne wanted to do something to help achieve parity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids studying in STEM related fields. Not too long after that keynote STEM.IAM. was created. An outreach initiative, evolving to help positively seed Indigenous kid's confidence and help them develop a healthy self esteem and identity, giving them the drive to go forward and make their mark.

Through advocacy and sustainable programs co-delivered with specialist partners, Carbon hopes to support the next generation of highly talented "black and deadly" super geeks.

Girl Geek Academy workshop at Kuril Dhagan, State Library of Queensland, 2017