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Melbourne Dreaming on Lonely Planet

For those of you who like to travel, you may have recently seen an article on Lonely Planet about Melbourne Dreaming, an app designed and developed by the team here at Carbon.

Melbourne Dreaming takes users on guided tours around the city’s Aboriginal heritage and historic locations—the content was developed from an existing guided tour book by the same name, created by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).

In the Lonely Planet article, AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie explains that you don’t have to travel away from cities to experience Aboriginal culture. “This is a superb app for those new to Melbourne, or for those who have lived in the city their whole life. Users will see past the concrete jungle and be exposed to real and local Aboriginal culture right in the middle of one of the world’s top cities.”

Working on this app allowed our team to learn about the rich Aboriginal history and culture that exists in Melbourne, and we’re all looking forward to using it next time we’re in Victoria!

You can find the app for sale on the App Store and Google Play now.