Our story

At Carbon Creative, we’re immensely proud of the difference we’re making as a social impact agency. Elevating the conversation and making a real impact on issues like childhood immunisation, education, and health is exactly why we exist.

To represent this visually, we commissioned talented Indigenous artist Riki Salem to bring to life Carbon Creative’s story.

At its heart, our story draws inspiration from our history. From our inception when Carbon Creative’s founder and Managing Director, Wayne Denning, had a vision to use story telling as a way to change hearts and minds, right through to today as a team of experts making good on this vision, our story continues to evolve.

The single, central star element represents our growth over the years, and it grows brighter and stronger with every layer that’s added.

The Southern Cross is included to represent Australia, and the ‘u’ shaped lines that follow the curve of the circle depict the people who make up Carbon Creative.

The dots that surround the final element are representative of everyone who works with Carbon Creative and contributes to our success.

Together, our story follows  the stars from one place to another over time — just as our First Nation Peoples have done for over 60,000 years. It speaks directly to how we’ve developed and grown over the years as a creative agency.

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